Featured Artist: Hinds

The hyper-talented ladies of Hinds are the twenty-second coming of surf rock and there’s nothing you can say otherwise. Blending a combination of melodically distorted vocals with an open garage door sound, laced with California, all it takes is a few listens to hear how well the genre managed to traverse the globe to the shores of Madrid. 

The group isn’t looking to reinvent the indie-rock wheel, but they’re definitely etching their names into the wheel with a chisel.

The band formed in 2011 and was originally a duo act comprised of Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote, both on guitar and vocals. The group later added Amber Grimbergen on drums and Ade Martin on bass/backup vocals. 

Before there was Hinds, the group first went by Deers. After receiving a notice of potential legal action from a similarly-named and infinitely less cool band called The Dears, the group opted for the name switch.

The Spanish rockers decided on Hinds - a term for a female deer, and the name switch seems to have paid off. The group has toured around Australia, America, and Thailand both on their own world tour as well as accompanying other artists like Glass Animals. The joke’s on you @ The Dears.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hinds played at South by Southwest, racking up a staggering 16 performances in just four days. 16 TIMES. That’s a true sign of people loving what the fuck they do. That’s rock n’ roll.

In an interview with Billboard, bassist Ade Martin describes the time the band heeded a completely random call to play for their fans at a basement house party one night in Kansas City following their performance on tour with Glass Animals.

“ So we play [the tour stop] with Glass Animals and we go to the party and it was crazy. Twenty people in a basement getting super drunk and super high.

We told Glass Animals about it and said, “Want to come?” And they said, “You’re going to play there? Think we could also play?” And we’re like, “Of course, this guy will go crazy.”

They were touring in a huge bus. We were in the house, on these little streets, and this huge monster tour bus shows up like the beginning of Star Wars at their house. And they played a few songs. The play a super complicated set but they were using my 200-year-old bass. And then we partied until 5 a.m. or something. We gave them the best party. ”

*Notice: If you’re reading this right now and were at this ^ house party in KC, contact us immediately. Mostly because we just want to hear more about how awesome it was.

Hinds have recently released their second album titled “I Don’t Run” on April 6th of this year. The year is 2018 if you’re reading this in the future. The band’s previous album, and debut project, “Leave Me Alone” featured 12 tracks including favorites like “Bamboo” “Chili Town” and “Garden”.


(Credit: HINDS Spain Youtube)

All of Hinds’ music is available to stream and purchase digitally or on vinyl from their Bandcamp. Always remember to show support for the artists you love, and of all the ways you can show support, paying for their music is pretty much the #1 choice most times. Keep it in mind.

We The Beat is happy to bring HINDS to the SOhO Restaurant & Music Club on September 22nd in Santa Barbara, CA. Click here to scoop your tickets in the meantime.

(Cover Image Credit: Hinds Facebook)