Artist Feature: Samia

If anyone has ever wanted a glimpse into the inner workings of the mind of a 23-year-old girl, Samia has your backstage pass.

Samia Finnerty’s small discography since her 2019 breakthrough takes her listeners on a ride through her intensely personal and honest storytelling, proudly displaying her refreshing talent for witty lyricism and maddeningly catchy hooks. Flawlessly translating the intense emotions felt in your early adulthood into irresistible guitar-driven indie rock, every song is a heavy hitting dose of personal and frank escapism that becomes an immediately satisfying listen. Steeped in her own personal nostalgia, her songs range from a Father John Misty tribute, a serenade to your alter ego, and the loss of personal and platonic relationships.

Samia’s energy puts her as a stand out among other exciting new artists debuting this year, already putting her name on the map opening up for Cold War Kids’ 2019 tour and playing at Stereogum’s SXSW party in 2019. Her debut album, The Baby, is due on August 28th via Grand Jury Records. Produced by long-time indie favorites Hippo Campus and Lars Stalfors behind Foster the People and Soccer Mommy’s releases, we trust that Samia’s big break will make the inspiration for another great song someday.

Editor’s Picks: Ode To Artifice”, “Fit N Full”, “Big Wheel


- Written by Juliette Rojas