Artist Feature: Two Another

For the globetrotting duo Two Another (Angus Campbell & Eliot Porter), 2020 has been a year of deep introspection, gearing up for the release of their most ambitious music to date. “We’re releasing more music than ever before this year,” said Campbell in an interview with On the Jungle Floor. A new sound is on the horizon for their upcoming release, with the use of more samples, live instruments, and experimental production.

From opposite sides of the world, with Porter hailing from the United States and Campbell from the United Kingdom, the two met in Sydney, Australia while enrolled in the same music program. They learned DJ-ing and music production from the inspirational electronic duo, Bag Raiders. Their love of soul and funky beats blossomed from there, and the two began to explore their sound.

After linking up in London in 2015, and experiencing an entirely new music scene than they were used to, Campbell and Porter officially launched the Two Another project. They cite the musical diversity and underground jazz scene as a huge inspiration.  The gloomy weather of the area also proved to be beneficial for the duo. “In Australia, it was tough to finish songs because we’d end up just going to the beach,” said Campbell.

Two Another has had a steady stream of releases all throughout 2020 in anticipation of their upcoming project Two Sides. Lyrically, these newer tracks symbolize an auditory diary of their current emotions and pinnacle moments in their lives: a choice to be vulnerable in the most trying of times.  

Two Sides is expected to release in October, with new singles coming out all throughout the year.

Editor’s Picks: “Keeping Me Under”, “Another Night”, “Coming Alive


- Written by Mallika Pal