Artist Radar: Alfie Templeman

Not many young artists have such a developed relationship with music as Alfie Templeman - who at just 17 years old has four critically acclaimed EPs under his belt. With plenty of fresh, disco-infused melodies and carefree lyricism, it’s too easy to get swept away in the groovy, indie-pop world that is Templeman’s discography.

Templeman’s first EP, Like an Animal, released in 2018, was written, performed, and recorded entirely in his Bedfordshire bedroom at sixteen years old. Leaning into the radio-ready sounds of early 2000s indie, Like an Animal catapulted Templeman into the streaming spotlight, securing him a contract with Chess Club Records, whose alumnus includes Mumford & Sons, Jungle, Local Natives, and MØ.  

Fast forward to just two years later and we get Templeman’s latest EP release, July’s Happiness in Liquid Formwhere we see his best work to date. It remains just as playful, but also mature in an unstable time for a young musician. There’s a youthful, lighthearted energy in this EP that meshes flawlessly with sophisticated and groovy riffs, a contradiction that remains delightfully consistent in his discography. But this time around, Happiness in Liquid Form brings with it a more seasoned, charismatic sound that only comes with an artist finding his perfect musical niche.

Don’t skip over 2019’s sophomoric Don’t Go Wasting Time EP -  which spotlights the quintessential teen experience in a colorful package that still feels fresh to the average listener. Inspired by his own life in a small town, it remains a breezy listen, the tracks ready to explode with bright, funk-dipped production.

To understand why Templeman’s music sounds so refined, it could be because his backing band is the same group of friends that he’s been jamming with since he was 10 years old. Or maybe it’s the decade he’s spent teaching himself and playing guitar, drums, and bass, while writing and producing his own music. Either way, we’re officially tuned in.

Editor’s Picks: “Happiness in Liquid Form”, “Like an Animal”, “Things I Thought Were Mine


- Written by Juliette Rojas