Haus: A New Way To Drink

There’s a world without hangovers: it’s called Haus, modern aperitifs born straight from an all-natural farm in California. With sophisticated, light flavors made only from sustainable ingredients, it’s everything your White Claw wishes it could be. Without the artificial ingredients or refined sugars that create hangovers, Haus is the new wave of drinking that is as perfect for your late nights as it is for your early mornings.

Haus has re-released their sold out Sampler Kit, which invites you to try four of their handmade, modern flavors in one beautiful package. Without the liquor store fuss of sketchy ingredients, missing nutritional facts, and outdated aesthetics, Haus finally gets drinking right. If you’re like us at We The Beat who love a good cocktail but hate the side effects, we were instantly hooked on Haus. 



Try a variety of Haus flavors with a customizable four-bottle kit. Each bottle serves 2-3 drinks. 18% ABV | $40 for the set of four 200ml bottles

When your bottles arrive, throw on this Spotify mix curated by We The Beat, filled with laidback classics, forgotten deep cuts, and neo-funk favorites perfect for listening while sipping.