Artist Radar: Aaron Frazer

You may be familiar with him as the drummer and part-time vocalist for the popular rhythm and blues band, Durand Jones and the Indications. But Baltimore native Aaron Frazer’s contribution to the band goes far beyond his work behind the drum kit.He wrote or co-wrote nearly every song on both of Durand Jones’s studio albums whilst also lending his beautiful falsetto to the odd track here and there, “Is It Any Wonder” may just be the smoothest song of all time. 


Aaron Frazer is undoubtedly talented, but if there was any question about the drummer’s ability to step into the limelight, they’ve been promptly answered with his aptly named solo debut Introducing. Bringing a modern touch to retro soul, Frazer does just as his album suggests and gives himself an introduction the industry simply can’t ignore. Introducing is an early but strong contender for album of the year and every track oozes the calm coolness and confidence that has earned Frazer my personal award for “Coolest Man Alive”. Co-produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, each song features Frazer’s signature falsetto but sonically all offer something unique. The duo have managed to craft a sound that is needlepoint focused while also exploring influence from genres like Bolero, urban blues, and the west coast Chicano soul sound that earmarked the lowrider movement. Frazer is establishing himself as the torchbearer for the increasingly popular Neo-Soul movement so just remember the next time you hear a top 40 hit with a 2 beat rhythm or a decidedly blues influenced bassline, they were probably listening to Aaron Frazer. 


Editor’s Picks: “If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)”, “Girl on the Phone”, “My God Has A Telephone

- Written by Daniel Johnson

May 13, 2021