Best of 2022

It’s that time of year again fam… Our annual best of year playlist is here. Enjoy the top 100 songs 2022 had to offer 🎵

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2022 Recap

With the rise of TikTok, attention spans shortening, and the ‘need it now’ culture that keeps us permanently inundated with an obscene amount of content on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about songs these artists have poured their heart and souls into. We hope this recap does the year justice and listeners can not only relive some of those moments, but also discover a new favorite artist or song you may have missed. 

We saw the power of what a well crafted song placement in a TV series can do, when Stranger Things brought a 30 year old Kate Bush song back from the dead to the top of the charts. We witnessed the meteoric rise of Fred again…, who single-handedly reshaped music with his uniquely personal and humanized take on an electronic genre that has become less about an emotional connection and more about what drugs you’re on.

From the refreshing sounds of alt-R&B breakout sensations Steve Lacy, Omar Apollo, and Joji, to the full blown world takeover of latin music led by the world’s most-streamed artist, Bad Bunny, to dance music’s crossover into mainstream hip-hop via the likes of Beyoncé and Drake, 2022 has shown us that innovation is not dead and that with a little luck, hard work, and talent, anyone can reach the top.

- Written by Blake Nania