The Guest List 01: The Moss

Welcome to The Guest List  🔖  A new collaborative playlist series where we invite artists to share their favorite songs of the moment. We’ve always been curious listeners, especially when it comes to knowing where artists find their inspiration. For our first edition of the GL, we are stoked to welcome Oahu-born, Utah-based surf-rock band, The Moss, who are happy share some of their favorite tracks the band has been vibing to lately.

About the band:

In a musical landscape with fewer boundaries than ever before, The Moss’s exuberant brand of alternative rock spans genres, eras, and even oceans. The Utah-via-Hawaii group was born on the shores of Oahu in 2015, as teenage buddies Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar) picked up a gig serenading diners at local taco trucks in between surf sessions. Naturally, their songs took shape in the spirit of the island, imbued with the joyfulness and breeziness of reggae culture yet cut with the introspection and communal spirit of mainland indie acts like Pinegrove and Cage the Elephant.

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- Written by Blake Nania