Creator Spotlight: Daniel Arsham

When it comes to modern inspirational talents, few come close to the generational creative mind that is Daniel Arsham. Over the course of two decades, the Cleveland-born, New York-based multi-media artist has amassed widespread global attention through his own rule-bending, playful blend of architecture, art, design, performance, sculpture and satire. 

Arsham’s distinctive breed of futurism is alluring yet apocalyptic, prescient yet wholly relatable. From Pokémon to Porsche, collabs with some of modern music’s greats (Pharrell, The Weeknd, Gunna), to leading creative direction for the Cleveland Cavaliers, little has escaped Arsham’s divine scope.

You may recognize his iconic sculptural work, which plays on the concept of future history and fictional archaeology, presenting fossilized versions of contemporary objects and architecture. By using recognizable works of cultural significance as a base for his interpretations, Arsham geniously highlights a glimpse into humanity’s past while simultaneously encapsulating the inevitable, not-so-distant future fate of man’s creations via the acceleration of technological obsolesce in our modern digital age.

Beyond his regular slew of institutional and gallery shows, his prolific output has also involved collaborations with an eclectic mix of brands (Tiffany’s, Heinz, Adidas, Rimowa, and Dior), alongside ambitious spatial concoctions under Snarkitecture, the collaborative design studio he co-founded with Alex Mustonen.

It’s important to always stay inspired, and it’s creative minds like Daniel Arsham who continue to push the boundaries and challenge our perception of what’s possible that will lead us forward. 

Podcast: The Founder Hour with Daniel Arsham

- Written by Blake Nania