Vinyl Collector's Guide: Moon Safari by Air

Next up on the Vinyl Collector’s Guide, we’re taking you back to 1998 to lay praise upon Air’s iconic debut album, Moon Safari. For those unfamiliar, Air are a French electronica/dream-pop duo comprised of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, who quickly rose to prominence in the late 90s following the release of Moon Safari.

At a time when Daft Punk were first breaking on to the scene, and the boundaries of rock and electronic music were fusing in ways previously unheard of, Air was paving their own path with a fresh new sound that would go on to become a staple in the annals of electronic album history.

A timeless classic, Air’s original 10-track album showcases the group’s signature blend of ambient, jazz, and French pop influences. The atmosphere is intrinsically dreamy and nostalgic, filled from top to bottom with lush synths, ethereal vocal arrangements, and intricate drum patterns culminating for a uniquely sophisticated soundscape- a perfect remedy for your slow moving mornings, and even better paired with a sunset drive up the coast.

Standout tracks “Sexy Boy,” “La Femme D’Argent,” and “Ce matin-lá” demonstrate Air’s songwriting and production mastery while showcasing their distinctive knack for genre-blending that has yet to be matched on such a level twenty-plus years on. Moon Safari has stood the test of time and has our stamp of approval as a must-have record for any electronic, ambient, or French music lover.

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- Written by Blake Nania