Vinyl Collector's Guide: Arthur Verocai by Arthur Verocai

As the weather finely starts to heat up and the flowers begin to bloom, it felt right to highlight one of our favorite springtime albums. Arthur Verocai’s self-titled debut LP is one of those records that just hits different when the sun is out. A masterpiece from top to bottom that combines elements of jazz, soul, and orchestral arrangements, effortlessly transporting listeners to a warm and happier place than you were before dropping the needle.

Originally released in 1972, the album went largely unnoticed at the time, but has since gained a cult following, particularly recently among younger music enthusiasts who have started tapping deeper into the Brazilian music scene. The 10-song album is a stunning showcase of Verocai’s talent as a composer, arranger, and musician. His infectious sound is complex and multilayered, filled with intricate rhythms, lush string arrangements, and soaring horn sections that effortlessly encompasses the laid-back essence of Brazilian culture.

Not all albums equate the same on vinyl, but when it comes to easy, warm-weather listening it doesn’t get much better than Arthur Verocai. A timeless classic, this album is a testament to the Brazilian legend’s musical genius and one you should add to your collection ASAP.

Standout Tracks: “Na boca do sol”, “Dedicada a ela”, “Pelas sombras”

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- Written by Blake Nania