Vinyl Collector's Guide: Marcos Valle by Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his contributions to the Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz scene. His 1983 self-titled album, Marcos Valle, is a standout collection of songs that exemplifies his unique style and creativity, making for another one of our go-to warm weather records.

One drop of the needle and you’ll see exactly what we mean. The album is a beautiful fusion of Brazilian rhythms, jazz, and funk, with Valle’s smooth vocals and masterful instrumentation weaving together to create a cohesive and captivating listening experience, transporting listeners straight to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, where the waters are warm, the caipirinhas are flowing, and the vibes are high.

If you’re a fan of Brazilian music or jazz-funk fusion, or honestly just need another feel-good summertime record to add to the collection, Marcos Valle’s self-titled album is a timeless classic and a worthy add to any vinyl collector’s crate.

Standout Tracks: “Estrelar”, “Fogo do Sol”, “Samba de Verão”

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- Written by Blake Nania